Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Day...

Me expreso mejor en Inglés, aunque soy bastante mala me salen mejor las palabras, todo y que utilizo un lenguaje fácil.

This have been a while”. She thought. She rubbed her eye lazily and began watching that beloved video that she waited for so long-a week. It gave her the strengh she needed to keep on her rutine. It had showed her so many times that there were lot of ways to get the things she wanted. However, her destiny was right on her hands.

The video was composed by 5 parts of about 10 minuts each.”Something interesting to look at and it’s just of about 50 minuts” She told to herself while she was trying to turn off the laptop.

11’30 a.m., the weather was quite good. She had to settle with just looking through the window. She could be in the school, at least either wasting her time doing something useful for the future or being surounded by people which means she wouldn't think about anything. She felt like everything she did was for nothing. She went to the bathroom-there was nobody at home, she just turn on the soft light over the mirror, looked at herself and whispered “I am the only one right here, right now. This is the only thing I am gonna have from now on by my side, I am the only thing, me and my personality. Who am I? Better.... What am I? What am I here for?” These questions were there always, day by day, 24h, every second. But no answer.

Me preguntareis que sentido tienen las historias estás, espero que almenos alguien se de cuenta.

Bueno, el dia de hoy por lo general se ha echo pasable.

Ahora mismo no dejo de escuchar la cancion de Hero y Courage, son adictivas.

Quiero compartir este video con vosotr@s ya que lo que dice Josep Mascaró me hizo llorar de verdad. Considero este anuncio uno d elo smejores que he visto nunca.


  1. Hola!
    Gracias por tu comentario.
    Tu blog, esta muy bonito. Te deseo suerte.

    Ya voy a ver el videoo...

    Un beso!

  2. Me gustó tu blog, espero tus proximas entradas así te voy conociendo mejor
    un besoo !